The Black Moon

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Some would argue two New Moons, or two Full Moons, in the same astrological sign rather than a calendar month constitute the Black or Blue Moon. But, then, that is complicated by the longstanding Tropical v. Sidereal debate (not to mention claims of a “13th sign”). (We have, arguably, 88 major constellations in the sky, so why not claim “88 signs”? I offer this as a joke and not a serious consideration.)

Primordial Portal

Oooh fitting going into October!!

I was intrigued by the idea of this new moon – I read that it happens every 32 months or so.  It’s not a particularly rare event, but ya know, rare enough that I think it deserves attention.

It’s when a second new moon appears in the same month twice.

This is similar to a “blue”moon which occurs when there are two full moons in one month.

In terms of the wonder of it, I do enjoy looking at astrology and incorporating some astrological aspects in my practices.  I also believe there is something to the planets and their movements in regards to our own. There are elements on those planets, minerals and magnetic fields that have to affect our own – we all have them,and when the planets move positions within each others magnetic fields, it just makes sense to me that those would…

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