Rare Black Moon=Major Energy Shift 9/30/16

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Some would argue two New Moons, or two Full Moons, in the same astrological sign rather than calendar month. But, then, that is complicated by the Tropical v. Sidereal debate (not to mention claims of a “13th sign”).

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rare-black-moonThis is such a good and right on article I wanted to share directly from Sun-Gazing.Com

“A special and rare lunar event will be taking place this weekend and right along with it a major shift will also be occurring. On Friday night, September 30th, a new moon will rise in the sky, the second one to fall in September as the last one occurred back on the first of the month. Whenever this happens, two new moons within one single month, the second one is called a Black Moon.

Lunar events like Black Moons are quite rare. In fact, saying that they happen “once in a blue moon” wouldn’t be wrong! They are very similar to Blue Moons, which is when two full moons occur within one month, and so they are polar opposites in terms of moon phases. Furthermore, both Black and Blue Moons occur about once every…

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