Biggest, Best, Brightest day of the year Now.

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August 27 was one of the best days of the Year as VENUS and JUPITER met in VIRGO.  SEPT-EMBER 25/26 is really the biggest best and brightest day of the year as Jupiter and the Sun Align on the 25th @ 11:59 pm  PDT/ 2:59 am EDT and 6:59 am PDT. at 3+ degrees of LIBRA.

I would wait for the Witching hours of course to do your magic with tomorrow.

Most astrologers would agree that the SUN and JUPITER planet of positive, optimistic, feel good, energy combining is the best day of the year.

THE SUN is willpower, vitality, energy, heat, passion, drive, warmth, gold, the life force itself. The beginning of everything. “Let there be light.” The SUN itself was worshipped by  ancient cultures, Egypt, or Peru. Jesus is defined as the Light which really means the SUN. The SUN is the SOURCE, the LIGHT, God/Goddess itself. Astrologically your sun…

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