Best ‘Date Night’ of the Year-Sep25&26

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5D Astrology

Snapshot: On Sunday night, we have magical intimate desires. As well the build-up to one the most fortunate days of the year on Sunday/Monday. Around noon on Monday, there is a shift in the energy of misuse of authority.

At 8:27pm Venus at 2:56 Scorpio Quintiles Pluto Retrograde at 14:56 Capricorn.

This is Pluto’s last aspect before his Direct Station at 11:01am on Monday. Here we have the 2 Planets that, when merged in aspect, bring our relating-ships into the intimacy and sharing realm. The magical aspect means that Sunday night may well be the most fortunate ‘date night’ of the year! As the Sun is applying to Conjunct Jupiter in Libra, the Sign Venus rules. Venus in Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Mars so relating and intimacy is getting a BIG BOOST tonight!

It could also be a great night for sealing a business deal or entering into…

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2016-09 W40: Forecasts for Week 40 of 2016

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Weekly Forecasts

2016-09 W40: Forecasts for Week 40 of 2016


Sunday we begin to feel the Sun / Jupiter conjunction of Monday. Both Sunday and Monday are extremely “lucky” days, so grab it all as best you can. But please do understand that much of your “luck” will come from “cleaning house” and leaning out your life. Eliminate the superfluous. Tuesday is a “day off” day, and especially good for “housecleaning.” (Most of the week is good for that.)

Wednesday is another cleanup day, it much of Wednesday is about “hard work.” Clear out anything that is not serving you, and wrap up old project that you wish to no longer address. Thursday is much like Tuesday, and (again), we emphasize cleaning out and wrapping up. Friday is a feel good day, and some remarkable insights can come your way. Write it all down. The New Moon brings a fresh start…

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LEO MOON, purr, purr

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

A sleepy SUNDAY? not.

Moon enters Feline LEO at 6:48 am PDT/ 9:48 am EDT

you may feel like getting up and roaring. This is a Sunday to stand up courageously for what you believe in your heart is true. To display your passion, to wear your heart on your sleeve and to party. Leo is all about family andgenerosity, so gather the gang and host a big event.  Tune into your leadership aspects on Monday as well. 

“I am woman hear my roar,”  “I am a  STAR.”

Go see some theater or a live musical performance.  Leo is very creative and self-expressive. Make art. 

LEO Moon squares Venus

the DRAMA levels with be HIGH.

you need to be able to say what’s in your heart- loud and proud. 

Leo Lion August Astrology Tara Greene

The sextiles the SUN and jUPITER in LIBRA on the Super Galactic Center!

this is a very positive, upbeat, optimistic…

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