Current Astrology: Venus, Libra and Current Transits

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Choose Conscious Living ASTRO ADVISOR

By Barry Kerr

The Sun moved into Libra on September 22. libra

Venus rules two signs; Taurus and Libra. Last spring, in Taurus, Venus, the relationship planet, focused our attention on that of this physical world which we need to create security and comfort for our human self. The emphasis was on attracting and building property, wealth, comfort, security and pleasure. This was our earthy Venus.

Now, in Libra, Venus applies the laws of attraction to a much more complicated and airy endeavor; one-on-one relationships with people. Having awakened our emotional needs (Moon) in Cancer and our egoic expression (Sun) in Leo, and having taken in feedback (Mercury) in Virgo, it’s time to apply all we’ve learned to creating, maintaining and improving relationships, especially those that meet our needs for emotional fulfillment.

In this regard, Libra represents the first of the signs in the second half of the zodiac, and thus…

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