Earth Grand Trine, body soul merge

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Wow things are pretty intense out there aren’t they? My daughters been sick and I got so tired, that old NEPTUNE SATURN square is giving it to me. So I crashed last night early which is good after doing some very heavy readings yesterday. I woke up at 4:00 a.m. which is the Holy Hour and meditated for awhile. I am up early watching dawn slowly arrive. 

Yes i felt that beautiful TAURUS sensuality walking down the street yesterday, my senses felt wide open and very physical. Did you?

Today there is a grand earth trine today between the TAURUS MOON PLuto in CAPRICORN And MERCURY slow as a tree slug in Virgo about to go DIRECT  tomorrow @ 10:31 pm PDT and sept 22 @ 1:31 am EDT/ 5:31 am GMT @ 14+ degrees VIRGO that very powerful 15th degree. 

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