Sun,Mars, Chiron and Pisces Lunar Eclipse

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FORESHADOWING: Under a very detached, electrifying AQUARIUS MOON today which sweetly sextiles Saturn in SAGITTARIUS,so that we can get a grip on reality, we have the SUN in VIRGO, the Light of the perfectionist, and MARS in Sagittarius, the real Martial artist warrior, duking it out today @ 21+ degrees both sign.  Of course CHIRON the wounded healer is also involved, opposing the SUN. This is a T-square of fighting a war of intelligence, strategy, optimism and compassion.

Sun combustion Astrology TAra Greene

“We could be heroes” David Bowie’s  is the song title of this aspect. He is starting to come to me through channeling, stay tuned.

A strong solar flare, and volcanic activity or tsunammi, hurricane etc. warnings.

If you have any planets at 16-26 degrees of MUTABLE signs-including these two and GEMINI and PISCES you may feel like an irritated fireball today. This aspect involving the SUN, the source of everything in our SOULar…

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  1. Fantastic post. Had a strong sense of these archetypes working through my Shamanic journeying recently. Thank you, this will provide some cosmological background for my next post as I try to make some kind of rational synthesis. Also with your permission, I’m thinking of inserting a blogroll script of your latest postings into my website homepage.

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    • Thank you! The easiest way to do the blogroll is via RSS. I would like that!

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      • Cool bananas. I’ll take a crack at it. Thanks for your cooperation.

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