Eclipse of Pisces Moon

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Planet Blast

We are in the middle of eclipse season.  I’ve heard lots of strange stories lately from acquaintances, but Mercury Retrograde is so well known now that everything is being attributed to that. So much astrological activity right now, the snafus are coming from many different directions. The eclipses are one of those directions.

What is an eclipse?

An eclipse is in simple terms is when either the light of the Moon or the Sun gets blocked. This can be completely blocked out light or it can be just partially blocked light. Now think about this: life exists because we have light from the Sun. Earth’s atmosphere is affected most by our Moon and secondarily by the Sun. When the light heading towards Earth is blocked it has a dramatic affect on our planet. For a few minutes we are not getting that light. Eclipses don’t last long in duration, but…

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