Mercury Is Now Retrograde

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Mother Earth Astrology & Natural Healing

From now until September 13th take the time to tune into your intuition 🙇🏽 and be alert for signs and symbols ⚛.

Delays may arise🚦🚗, so it’s a good idea to factor in extra time and place caveats around deadlines.

Note what is coming up for you.

What message(s) 🌬 are you being given?

What needs re-work, re-vision or re-visiting?

This is a powerful time for meditation 🙏🏽and creative insights ✍🏽

Taking time out to rest 😴 can restore calm and lessen frustration.

With Mercury conjunct Venus and Jupiter today and forming an opposition with Chiron there could be lessons around use of words in relation to money 💸 and relationships 💏

Remember that simply moving the ‘s’ can make words your sword!! ⚔

Are you using your words for good or are they causing pain?

I.e. Are your words keeping you stuck in repeating negative patterns, are you engaging…

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