It was the best of times… Astrology

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

Yes, Aug 27 is considered to be one of the best days of the year according to the planets. It’s all about DIVINE TIMING. 

Jupiter Venus astrology Tara Greene

I don’t know who to credit for this image

Under a very sentimental emotional CANCER nurturing Moon, and VENUS conjunct JUPITERin VIRGO it’s time to think about our homes, personal and our collective mutual home planet the EARTH.  

Virgo is the sign of service, it’s the clean up, organize, reap the harvest sign. Cancer is giving, unconditional milk of human kindness loving sign. We need to look at our Mother the earth and how we have been treating her. Reaping means karma, and we are also in the midst of the SATURN {Karma} in Sagittarius- Neptune in PISCES {Oil, delusions, escapism, martyrdom, addictions, glamor} square.

There is a Goddess/pagan/wiccan/ witchy, song I learned many years ago.

“The Earth is our mother, she will take…

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Grand Quintile of August 28, 2016

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As we have written elsewhere, we are entering an amazing window of time.  Here is the basic chart for the Grand Quintile of August 28, 2016, filtered for the Grand Quintile:

Grand Quintile 1 2016-08-28 (prior to Solar Eclipse)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is what we have written about this window of time that begins with this pattern:

We are at the edge of entering a truly amazing period of time that starts “about now” (late Leo, circa August 15th and points forward) until some time in late September, possibly “about’ the change of seasons at the Fall Equinox.  Here is why it is amazing:

  1. A Grand Quintile forms on August 28th.  These are even more rare than the Mystic Rectangles we encountered a few weeks ago.  By itself, that would be enough, but….
  2. Mercury stations retrograde on August 30th (and, as of August 15th, we are in the “shadow” of the retrograde where we are already “feeling” some of the disruptions and shifts in our patterns that are yet to come).  (See, also: Mercury Stations and Ingresses for 2016.)  I would argue that the Grand Quintile of August 28th continues to be in effect.  BUT, how to use that massive influx of creative genius when Mercury is making a (retrograde!) station?  And we note that Mercury stations direct again on September 22nd, shortly after the change of seasons (Fall Equinox).  Clustering of events like this are a sort of “punctuation mark.”
  3.  We have a Solar Eclipse (New Moon, but a rather special kind) that affects most of the African continent and especially central Africa.  This Eclipse perfects on September 1st and has a number of other patterns present.  While I am not sure of this, I would not be entirely surprised to discover that some (many? most?) people of African descent are affected.  AND *SOME* geneticists argue that, to some greater or lesser degree, we are all descended from Africans (those of us who are of Asian or Caucasian descent being nomads who left Africa very long ago).  I would AGAIN argue that the Grand Quintile is still in effect.  (Why?  Because it “re-appears” on September 3rd and continues to September 11th.  That leads me to believe that the computer program that detects this pattern cannot see something that, currently, only human eyes can.)
  4. “Another” Grand Quintile (re-)appears on September 3, 2016 and continues until September 11, 2016.  Is it really that big of a deal?  YES!  If you look at our page “Grand Quintiles from 1800 to 2050,” you will see that about 200 of these occur in the 250 year time span (a quarter of a millenium).  BUT, they often occur in groups of two or three or more during a particular year and then not again for several years.  The next ones happen in 2020 (curiously, the next election cycle!).  For those of you who can “channel” this amazing energy, you have a window where you may produce some of the greatest creative works of your lifetime.  Please do not let this slip by you!
  5. Mercury Retrograde will move backwards across the Sun AND North Node (Karma) during this cycle and back across them after moving forward.  “Luke, it is your DESTINY!”  Whatever is the best use of your personal creative genius, this is the time to use it/them.

We hope to write some posts about this amazing window, but sometimes we get derailed by personal events, have computer problems, etc.  AND, we are getting older and crankier and sometimes we just do not get things out the way we would like.  The computer that we used to produce our posts and content was out of commission for MONTHs, and it is just now online again.  We will help if we can, but on the outside chance that does not happen, you need to HELP YOURSELF.  Make a list of your goals, especially your creative goals, and what you would like to bring to fruition at this time.  Is it photography?  Poetry, Songwriting? Sculpture?  Is your gift creative writing or maybe writing “how to” books?  How about computer programming or “big data” data science?  Are you a medical researcher or someone who might be writing a law review article?  Whatever it is, THIS is your window.  Every moment is precious.  Use it wisely.

And, as far as the political arena goes, expect to see nothing short of AMAZING and unprecedented events!

Here is what one commentator wrote about the Grand Quintile of 2004.

2016-09 Calendar (Monthly) Marsout Astrological Aspects

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Mystic Rectangles

2016-09 Calendar (Monthly) Marsout Astrological Aspects

2016-09 Monthly Marsout

[Click Image to Enlarge]

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Mercury conjunct Venus in Virgo

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Astrology Software 2021

Mercury domicile Venus conjunction

On August 29th at 06:32 UT an exact Mercury–Venus conjunction will happen in Virgo (on this particular occasion, ’Virgo’ means simultaneously the tropical, sidereal and contellational ’background’ – view the chartwheel).  An exact Mercury conjunct Venus occurs 1–4 times a year, but such a conjunction in tropical Virgo happened only twice during this millennium (on September 8th, 2003 and on August 21st, 2008). Believe it or not, this exact Mercury conjunct Venus in tropical Virgo, in conjunction with this Virgo–Jupiter didn’t come to pass since September 17th, 1707 (!).

In this forthcoming conjunction the ’stationary’ Mercury will be especially powerful in one of its domiciles. Mercury conjunct Venus in Virgo indicates a sensitive and often shy person who is prudent and careful; pragmatic, but without any instances of aggression towards others, thus he/she is generally beloved by all. In the case of some stongly disharmonic aspects, the native may become…

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AlchemyAstrology: 27-28 August 2016, Saturday-Sunday, Active

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Alchemy Astrology

Moon in Gemini, laboratory process of Fixationemotionally versatile

If you find an affinity for any of these statements it’s good to know what’s ‘in the air’.

A good time to: express feelings that priorly have been illusive to your intellectual understanding, that could perhaps help guide others.

Challenges: Having conflicts with things that aren’t as solidly organized as you felt they were.

Balance: Consider the deeper purpose of your methods regarding the way you think, and recognize that you are currently having a very different view of the world because of it.

Sidereal astrology, from an individual viewpoint:

Sun in Leo – persistent, organizing = self-expressive
Moon in Gemini – changes, diffusive = emotionally versatile
Mercury in Virgo – mental, analyzing = methodical
Venus in Virgo – pleasant, analyzing = fastidious
Mars in Scorpio – impulsive, solidifying = explosive
Jupiter in Virgo…

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Cosmic Consciousness Weekly – The Cosmic Path

August 27, 2016 at 8:17 pm | Posted in Astrology | 1 Comment


Cosmic Consciousness Weekly

For the week of August 22 – 28, 2016

Get ready for one of the most profound and life altering weeks ever in the integration of higher consciousness with the lower 4 body system, and the unveiling of our holistic potential in the new world.  We are certainly in uncharted territory  Read more

Source: Cosmic Consciousness Weekly – The Cosmic Path

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September 2016 – Jupiter Comes Back Online ~ August 26, 2016

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Rose Rambles...

Abstract Zodiac backdrop Abstract Zodiac backdrop

Found this on Starship Earth: The Big Picture. Please read, inform yourself, and…


September 2016 Astrology from Carl Boudreau; Jupiter Comes Back Online

It’s been a long time coming, but FINALLY we have good news!

Right now, a few weeks before Jupiter enters Libra, people would be forgiven for thinking we are actually headed for a catastrophe – for unmitigated chaos – in global consciousness. Jupiter will rejoin the action just in the nick of time. Or we would be looking forward to an indefinite extension of the grim conditions we are now experiencing.

Despite the Jupiter Libra ingress, the scale of the problem and the nature of current aspects do not suggest a quick or easy resolution of the world’s problems. However, Jupiter’s Libra ingress will accelerate us in the right direction.

I think a corner will be turned in September. I think the worst…

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Sun in Virgo sextile Moon in Cancer: domestic goddess

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domestic goddessDuring Sun in Virgo season, it’s worth remembering this multi-faceted sign also represents harmonious home especially when making the aspect of opportunity with the Moon in Cancer, representing emotions and instincts centered on home. No one is more capable of running a household more efficiently than the Virgo domestic goddess.

Virgo is sometimes likened to the Roman Vestal Virgins who were also addressed “Virgo”, and who were required to remain virgins until the age 30 when they could choose to marry.

Vestals kept the sacred fire burning in their temple at the center of Rome, but their concerns were also the harvest and welfare of everyone, combining the fire and earth elements. Today’s Western astrology classifies Virgo as earth, and there’s much talk about the supposed chastity and staying single of this sign. It’s ruled by Mercury that’s usually associated with air, the mix possibly symbolizing the many facets of this…

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Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

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Mercury entered Virgo on July 30th, entered the Retrograde pre-shadow on August 10th, intensified in effects on the 24th and will station Retrograde on the 30th, in backward apparent motion until September 21st. Mercury exits the Retrograde post-shadow on October 6th.

Mercury is dignified in Virgo and strives for purification, organization, and perfection. When Retrograde in this sign it can cause redundant speech, mental overstimulation, nervous exhaustion and an urge to perfect any given thing or project to the point of undoing it. Please please please, let’s not and say we did.

Gulls (Laridae) and earthmover on landfill Gulls (Laridae) and earthmover on landfill

Putrefaction that has either been occurring on the physical plane or in emotions will become unbearable. The surrounding environment could be perceived as a creative mess or a sea of garbage where one or many drown in its foul odors and course textures. Conversely those with the inclination toward resourcefulness may be…

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Jupiter and Venus Shining Together TONIGHT = Big Love!

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Astrology with Michelle Gregg


If you’re very, very lucky you have a perfect view of the Western horizon. If you don’t, you might want to go find that perfect view, because tonight (Saturday, Aug 27, 2016), about a half hour to 45 minutes after sunset (sunset in Atlanta is 8:08 pm – check your local time), you’ll be able to see Venus twinkle out from the darkness just above the Western horizon, very shortly followed by Jupiter in almost exactly the same spot. A beautiful moment!

Venus and Jupiter are the two brightest lights in our sky after the Sun and Moon – when they come together it’s quite a show! Bear in mind however, that light around you and light from our planet may make these two beauties challenging to see unless you’ve found a nice dark spot. Pair that with the fact that Venus and Jupiter will be setting by 9pm  Eastern, so it’s…

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