Saturn is now Direct… What Final Brush Strokes are Needed?

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Painting Canvas Outer and Inner World - PAID

Saturn will now retrace his steps back to the point at which he first turned retrograde; offering you the chance to apply the final brush strokes .

What have you been working on since late December 2015?

A project, relationship, job, personal belief system, personal behaviour pattern, your health?

With Saturn in Sagittarius this ‘project’ will likely be connected to your personal truth and your core belief system, which themselves may have been up for some re-work.

Is your Outer World an accurate expression of your Inner World?

What needs to be further worked upon to ensure that these align?

With Saturn now moving at his slowest you may be experiencing the feeling that you’ll never get there; especially if you have planets at 9 or 10 degrees within your chart.

Take heart, however, as it takes a while to birth a new you.

Just imagine if you were a…

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