Sexy Scorpio Moon lessons

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The energies are really intense. How did the 8 8 infinity movement feel to you?

I seem to have lost over 100 followers in the last few days. That hasn’t happened before. I wonder why? Can you please give me your feedback? I work very hard on this blog. 

The MOON has entered SCORPIO Aug 8/9-August 11,
Aug. 9th will be a relatively LITE energy day,which is a Scorpio oxymoron.
Scorpio Moon sextiles Venus in VIRGO, earthy, sexy, emotional.
Do be near water or walk the earth barefoot. Thiscan, of course produce emotional mud. 

Moon trines NEPTUNE in PISCES Nice water trine

SCORPIO Moon, astrology Tara Greene

This is an intoxicating, narcotic tinged energy. It occurs late at night in EDT and even later in the morning of the 10th in GMT. Use this energy to dig deep into your own repressed sexual energy, fantasies, and eroticism. Time to explore deep psychological emotions…

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