Moon conjunct Lilith

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Moon in (tropical) Scorpio conjunct Lilith (as ’osculating’ lunar apogee point). Lilith may manifest its peculiar nature considerably within the Scorpio sign.

Lilith Astrology

Females: need to experience herself as not attached and not subordinated to anyone, above all, to the men; efforts to remain emotionally and existentially independent, preferring the special to the prosaic, the exciting to the flat; if she do marry she has some problems conceiving a baby, and even the childbearing does not happen naturally (as compensation, willingly devotes herself to nurturing other women and their children and may focus on humanitarian issues, equality of rights and feminism);  if she has children, often problems emerge concerning their health and education; diseases of the female reproductive system and the breast, anorexia nervosa (fear /Lilith/ of gaining weight and filling out /Moon/), heart problems  (if Sun is also afflicted).

Males: disorders of the sexual identity, homosexuality, sexual diseases, unconsciousness, hallucinations…

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