In the Stars for August

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We are at the peak of the summer season as the transiting Sun is moving through its own fire sign Leo which represents leadership, pride and self- esteem thus the symbol is the Lion. This is a great time to notice who your leaders are in any group.  Do they display the positive traits of leadership like courage, generosity, service, follow through and completion or the negative ones like pompousness, arrogance, intolerance and autocratic ambitions?  These are all characteristic of Leo energy. In these last few weeks of the summer we can be channels for generosity, playfulness, basking in the Sun as the Leo energy may inspire us to relax and appreciate loved ones.
Leo natives are proud, courageous, creative, generous, fun loving, determined and dramatic sun signs. They love to be the center of attention and can be conceited, snobbish and intolerant of others. They seem to exert a type of…

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