Be calm as Mercury and Mars tangle; the station of Uranus can be a jolt

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* Uranus Turns Retro on July 29 :: Liberation From Within!

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URANIAN / Promethean times we’re in…

Did you know? 2 days ago, July 25, the Mayan New Year of the Blue Spectral Storm started.

Whoa that year theme is – very URANIAN / Promethean too!

Kin Blue Spectral Storm 2016Blue Spectral Storm Seal states:
“The Blue Storm Year calls us to be awakened Thunder Beings; agents of electric passion and purpose; alchemists of energies; empowered self-generators; embodiments of stillness dancing; lucid World-Changers living from our centers of calm resilience.”
“ This is the Time to access the force of your inner spark as your ultimate source of power; to unleash the lightning of your soul; to be the calm eye of the storm amidst potent inner and outer transmutations and shifts of all kinds!”

URANUS is now in very slow moving ‘direct-to-retro STORMall July and August, since…:

* URANUS turns retro tomorrow July 29 (until Dec…

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Kaypacha’s Pele Report for July 27, 2016

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This week’s report comes from the canals of Florence, in front of the Boboli Gardens, the old home of the Medici family. Very cool. The Moon into Taurus on Wednesday, heads into Gemini today, friendly and nurturing Cancer Saturday, then Leo on Monday.

The New Moon is in Leo on Tuesday. With the Sun, Moon and Venus in light hearted Leo, things will finally be smoothing out. This aspect truly helps lighten the load we have been carrying – release some of that pressure.

Uranus goes retrograde Friday and Venus goes into Virgo, which is square Mars and triggers intensity. Tuesday Mars finally leaves Scorpio again and moved on into Sagittarius.

The stars are telling us it is time to grasp this message of enlightenment, let go of that old patriarchal paradigm. This is a critical turning point. Feelings guilt and shame, of not being ready, are coming to the…

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Today’s reading

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getting ready for Jupiter in Libra, baby

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September 1 Annular Solar Eclipse

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Picture P44The question How long the solar eclipse impulse retains influence sounds strange for Astronomy but it is a point to ponder for astrologers. It has no single answer but the version that in Mundane Astrology each subsequent impulse to some extent closes down the previous one seems to me quite realistic. Following this version we are on the final stage of 18S Solar Eclipse named Finality

So, let’s summarize.

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Uranus turns Retrograde, revolution redux

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

Uranus the wild and crazy kinky planet that orbits at a 90-degree angle, turns Retrograde July 29- December 29th. Uranus is the “Higher octave” of  communications planet Mercury. Uranus symbolizes disobeying the rules, thinking outside the box, Revolution and freedom. Uranus or Prometheus in the Greek myths stole fire from the Gods and gave it to mankind to help save them. The Gods were angry and punished him.

Uranus, was discovered March 13, 1781 by William Herschel, born in Germany but   serving as a British astronomer in Bath England. Hershel discovered Uranus with “modern” technology with the use of his large advanced telescopes.  Uranus was the first planet since antiquity to be discovered beyond Saturn, upsetting the old order of the cosmos. 

Here is the whole story on Uranus or Ouranos/Prometheus in Greek myths.

Uranus was a Titan and his name means Heaven. He married Gaia the Earth…

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Leo Party! Uranus Retrograde!

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