La Luna ~ half-lit Quarter Loca

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Being Bold

Quarter moons aren’t something that I’ve paid much attention to previously, but of late, they seem to be having more and more impact. I guess the current transits have upped the ante on the Full and New to the blatantly obvious. I’m finding that quarter moons are where the personal private subtleties are – a mine of intuitive astrological gold that’s completely abstract and of the ephemeral ethers and yet makes complete practical sense.

There’s usually one night a month where I’m up all night in the energies. Usually it’s the dark of the moon or the late end of the Full moon phase, but in the past few months, I’ve switched to quarter notes. Shit really is not easy at the moment, but watching the quarter houses helps with the transliteration of starry and earthly accounts.

Here’s my favourite takes on the quarters:

Last Quarter:

“…Our perception needs cleansing…

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