The Time is Now 3

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For astrologers, here are the seven planets in the Grand Septile…

  • Mars (Action, Physical Energy, Anger)
  • Makemake (Manifestation)
  • Mercury-Venus (Integrating Heart and Mind)
  • Chaos (Unlimited Potential)
  • Ceres (Sustainability, Eliminating the Unnecessary)
  • Pallas (Boundaries)
  • Pluto (Transformation, Trance Reformation, the Unavoidable but Adaptable

And the twelve planets and positions in the Grand Unx…

  • Mars
  • Quaoar-Pholus-Galactic Center (Taking Full Responsibility for our Survival, by order of Headquarters)
  • The Full Moon (Illumination)
  • The 27-Aquarius Fresh Violets in an Ancient Pottery Bowl Vacancy (see The Time is Now 2)
  • Chiron (Despair and Miracles)
  • Stationary Eris-Uranus-Mnemosyne (see The Time is Now 2)
  • Sedna-Aletheia (Acknowledging what Frightens us so we can Breathe into it and Transform it into Excitement)
  • Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs, Archetypes)
  • Sun-Varuna (the Primordial Life Force, Transformation of Energy into…

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