Full Moon in Capricorn themes for each sign

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full moon in Capricorn

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Full Moon July 19 in 27 degrees Capricorn / Cancer will see things coming to a resolution or culmination of some sort, depending on where the Moon and the Sun fall in your personal birth chart. I’m listing Cancer as well, because the Sun is in 27 degrees Cancer, forming an opposition to the Moon, something that happens at every Full Moon, of course.
The symbolism for Capricorn is power, males, authority, and for Cancer softness, gentleness, females, caring among other things. The Sabian symbol for 27 Capricorn is a mountain pilgrimage, and for 27 Cancer, a violent storm in a canyon filled with expensive homes. This can symbolize the contrast between spiritual values and material values.
This Full Moon makes you look inside, to see better…

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