Sun square Uranus, Sage wisdom

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As usual, a good analysis. Would love to hear what you think about the *SUN* being v/c for most of next week!

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

The weekend outlook is intense.  SATURDAY being especially so. Huge major action between the SUN, Mercury and Venus conjunct and HUGE CARDINAL SQUARE, which we already saw in the attempted coup in Turkey.
Moon stays in SAGITTARIUS till Sunday afternoon PDT/EDT which lightens the mood. Stay optimistic, inspired and seek higher wisdom.
Aim higher is Sag. motto
Sagittarius Josephine Wall, Astrology Tara Greene  Astrology
Sagittarius by Josephine Wall
SAGTTARIUS SUN keeps on burning and conjuncts SATURN Lord of the Rings of KARMA in the wee hours, this already happened.
This matures the SAGITTARIUS into the SAGE. Tap into your inner Sage wisdom. Also use sage to cleanse your aura. 
MOON squares Neptune to challenge us to KEEP THE FAITH Babay
This can be a very romantic dreamy creative day, but also feeling fogged out, spaced out in denial. Watch your alcohol intake by the pool today.
SUN squares URANUS- this feels like we’ve already had…

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