ASTROLOGY: Astro-Bulletin 16 July ’16

July 16, 2016 at 5:56 pm | Posted in Astrology | 2 Comments

Excellent analysis of the conditions the dominate most of July.

Arrow in Flight

Astrologers often match world events to astrological developments. For instance, it lines up pretty well to suggest that the recent spikes in violence and terrorism could be manifestations of the passage of the war-Planet, Mars, through the dark and intense Sign of Scorpio.

Also relevant: Mars is now forming a configuration known as a Grand Water Trine with the Sun (in Cancer) and the planetoid known as Chiron (in Pisces). Generally, a Grand Trine is seen as a happy phenomenon, allowing the Planetary energies involved to merge easily and well. The Water-centric version has to do with the realm of the emotional. The optimistic take is that the configuration might allow for some constructive processing of all that sometimes dire Mars-in-Scorpio energy. We might find that during the Trine, positive emotions come to the forefront, and are more likely to be expressed in helpful ways. Also, even negative emotions may…

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