Venus in Leo, Love like a lion

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Venus in Leo, Love like a LION

July 11-AUGUST 5 Aas if things weren’t dramatic enough. Venus shimmies into Leo where it’s SHOW TIME! 

“Say what you have to say and say it hot” D. H. Lawrence-Mercury will conjunct Venus in Leo on July 16

Venus the Goddess of LOVE Beauty,Relationships, BLING, demands to be treated like A QUEEN or King, so you better get ready to bow down.

LEO is STRENGTH in the Tarot #11 or 8

Leo, Strength, Thoth, Tara Greene

 Power struggles can get even more raw, inflamed, hot and passionate.  There will be lots of drama.

Leo governs vanity, competition, showing off, jealousy, possessiveness, you know…with big ego power politics 

Venus in Leo is everything YOUR HEART DESIRES, you want it,and you know how to seduce it and get it.

 80’s manes of hair, cat fights, and courageous acts are all Venus in LEO. SHE WANTS THE BEST OF EVERYTHING…

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