A Time For Healing/Astro News 

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Rubys Readings

June 8th

“A Time for Healing!”

We’ve been dealing with some seriously challenging astrological oppositions over the last few days, however this mornings energies actually can help begin the healing process, and bring an abundance of opportunities. But you’ll have to pay attention to take advantage of them. Yesterday’s “Square” energy will continue on for a little while longer, but is losing it’s intensity…but unfortunately it’s already left a very bad taste in our mouths! Just stay cautious throughout the weekend.

Venus and Chiron make a harmonious connection that can assist us in healing our emotional baggage. This energy can actually help open our hearts, as we feel like learning from each other, which helps us see the beauty in others and human weaknesses, so we don’t see the flaws so much in folks, or concern ourselves so much with fault or blame anymore…and this can help bring us together…

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