July New Moon

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Wolves and Roses

Our next New Moon is on Monday, 4th July. New Moon’s are indicators of renewing possibilities, the low points in the lunar cycle when the new can quietly, imperceptibly (at least outwardly) emerge, or secretly come into being. This one is in the Moon’s own sign of The Crab, a cardinal, initiating sign that brings in a new part of the year.

July New Moon

As we saw at the last Full Moon, Venus is involved, conjunct both the Sun and the Moon here, who this time join it in the water sign of Cancer, but we also see that Venus, Sun and Moon are all opposed by Pluto. Here we need to realise our own power, not just project it onto others or onto outside events. At the same time Venus and Pluto are both square Uranus (in fact the Uranus-Pluto square is about to disengage for a while here), which makes…

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