Venus – Functioning as an Earth or Celestial Goddess?

June 30, 2016 at 1:49 am | Posted in Astrology | 2 Comments

Alchemy Light

For the planet Venus, each cycle takes approximately 18 months to complete.
As of 6 June, Venus has surpassed the Sun and now is traveling ahead of it. Thinking back to your attitudes regarding relationships, has it changed over the past month? Let me break it down for you.
As a general rule, when Venus is lagging behind the Sun in terms of sign and degrees in the sky, it is functioning as a rising star and it energetically reflects the lower-end vibration of Venus as an Earth Goddess or Taurus-like energy. It’s that sweet, worldly material pleasures like that candy in your favorite store, that nice dinner in a posh restaurant or that good-looking person that you’re involved with romantically.
When Venus moves in front of the Sun though, the Sun actually “spiritualizes” Venus with its warm, creator rays and now Venus functions like a setting star, which…

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