Chiron Retrograde June 27: The Skeleton Key

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Chiron goes retrograde in Pisces on June 27 to November 30, 2016. Chiron is not actually a planet, but an asteroid/comet. It rules spirituality. Chiron is also complicated energy. It symbolizes the scars we carry with us when we live a mundane everyday reality that is far removed from our purpose. On the other hand, it symbolizes our journey to recovery from the wounds we have suffered from straying from our divine path. Ultimately, Chiron teaches us to balance our physical existence with our simultaneous metaphysical existence which includes our awareness, intuition, and choices we make.

Chiron is representative of the awakening experience related to the suffering and darkness that we must first have to endure before we can experience the light and goodness that comes from the shadow side.

In mythology, the centaur Chiron sustained a wound that never healed and he was said to have suffered unceasingly from…

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