Confusion and Leavia

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jbuss Astrology

This is very timely…

Confusion is the first stage of Growth.

As Saturn Wanes toward Neptune over the next several years, we need to expect a Breakdown in the Definition (Saturn) of our Cultures (Neptune) that will require (Saturn) us all to shift our primary Perspective away from Matter and toward Spirit (Neptune). 

Someone on the BBC referred to Britain as being divided into two countries, Leavia and Remainia.  It’s amazing how much Fear-based propaganda is being thrown at Leavia – which I guess shouldn’t be surprising, since Remainia was a project of the Corporate Elites and their Fellow Travelers.  London was all Remainia – London is Britain’s “Wall Street.”  When do we get NAFTexit?

The Future hasn’t been Co-Created yet.  Our corner of it will be influenced greatly by what we PIAVA – including all those Unconscious and Semi-Conscious PIAVAs that we put out there under the guise of…

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Mars Stations Direct 6/29

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Willpower Astrology

Making these images on my snapchat cracks me up. Awesome that they have the zodiac stickers tho!

Anyhoo, I’m finally getting around to discussing Mars Retrograde. This started all the way back in April, around the 17th, when Mars stationed retrograde around 8° Sagittarius (really though, it started in February when Mars passed 23° Scorpio and entered the shadow zone). Mars resubmerged into Scorpio around May 28. Since last Sunday, he’s been slowing waaaaaaaaaay down. The moment when he stops going back, or stations direct (fancy astrology terms, baby!) is coming up in a few days on June 29. This means Mars will be hovering around 23° Scorpio for over three weeks, finally moving forward again by July 11! At the beginning of August, we’ll get back into Sag and by the end of the month, we’ll have exited the shadow zone.

So what does it mean? Mars is our…

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Jupiter Trines Pluto, Billionaire Astrology

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

Yes the universe is always blessing us.

On June 26 one of the luckiest most auspicious aspects of the Year occurs between two very big honcho planets/ brothers.  Jupiter, Lord of Luck, expansion and abundance and Pluto, Lord of power, souls, death and super riches are in a Trine, which is a very big beneficial thing.

You know that famous quote, don’t you?   “Millionaire’s don’t use Astrology. Billionaire’s do. “-  by J.P. Morgan, right?

Plus, their third brother NEPTUNE, King of the Oceans, and magical illusions is also in this meeting, sextiling Pluto from PISCES. The Moon is also in Pisces opposite Jupiter earlier in the day, sextiling Pluto.

Be very careful what you wish for and what your unconscious wants too.

Jupiter, Zeus, Lord of optimism, risk taking and trust, is the WHEEL OF FORTUNE in the TAROT, Trump #10, King of the Upper world. Jupiter can be too much gambling, of…

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Many planetary contacts on these days; use flower essences to assist

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AlchemyAstrology: 25-26 June, 2016, Saturday-Saturday, Active

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Alchemy Astrology

A good time to: be light hearted and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere.

Challenges: An inclination to be bull-headed in a fact based opinion about family or the society.

Balance: Embrace the feeling that you’re gliding through, under control, and happy.

Sidereal astrology, from an individual viewpoint:

Moon in Aquarius, laboratory process of Multiplicationemotionally detached

Sun in Gemini – persistent, diffusive = adroit
Moon in Aquarius – changes, concentrative = emotionally detached – Fixed Air
Mercury in Taurus – mental, decisive = factual
Venus in Gemini – pleasant, diffusive = fickle
Mars in Libra – impulsive, unifying = controlled
Jupiter in Leo – fortunate, organizing = exuberant
Saturn in Scorpio – disruptive, solidifying = persevering


Laboratory Alchemists free monthly calendar for lab work:


The author’s ads:

Alchemy Astrology how-to handbook, good for beginners and professionals alike:

Laboratory Alchemists –…

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Mercury sextile Uranus

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Astrology Software 2021

astrology software

♅ ⚹ (☿:♊) generally indicates an original, independent and eccentric mind; such a person is strenuous in his efforts to hew a path for himself in complete liberty. Therefore this can be a ’hallmark’ of the pioneers in thought and invention, but in case of an afflicted ♄, it can lead to extravagance, exhibitionism or anarchist deviations.

ISE Astrology Software

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Aries Horoscope Today

You may feel irritated because of things not happening in the right time. There can be domestic problems. You will feel lethargic. Keep your patience.

Vastu tips for you: Pooja room should always be in the north east corner.

Love tips for you: Show your care action not by words.

Taurus Horoscope Today

Health will not be normal. You will have good personal life. You will feel romantic and musical today.

Vastu tips for you: Pooja room should always be in the north east corner.

Love tips for you: Show your care action not by words.

Gemini Horoscope Today

Personal matters will take over professional ones. Sort out the misunderstandings so that you can work peacefully.

Vastu Tip: No two doors should be exactly opposite to each other.

Love Tip: It is also necessary to be happy.

Cancer Horoscope Today

Your interaction with people, who are in…

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