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Pretty much nails it.

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June 23 AQUARIUS, freedom, Tara Greene astrology

AQUARIUS MOON of FREEDOM, chaos and change

 The Aquarian Moon and two planets make three difficult, splitting headache producing  QUINCUNX’S or Inconjunct’s today. A 150 degree angle- 5 signs apart aspect which produces much anxiety and hair splitting today in EDT and GMT where you know what is going on. Headaches, per se, are governed by the sign of ARIES traditionally BTW.

Whether its’ countries, relationships, the stock market or anything else, this feels like a day of revolutionary -not always welcome change.

The key with the AQUARIAN Winds of change is to ride the winds like a surfer rides the waves. Fly on the wings of the Eagle, or a drone and soar with the freedom, banking and turning as the winds constantly shift. 

AQUARIUS in the TAROT is the symbol of the STAR #17 

MERCURY in GEMINI and PLUTO in CAPRICORN are the biggest shit disturbers…

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