SUPER SAGED : Full Moon in Sagittarius II

June 20, 2016 at 11:57 pm | Posted in Astrology | Comments Off on SUPER SAGED : Full Moon in Sagittarius II


FULL MOON : SUPER SAG energy Today…a day best spent in Lycra, sunvisor, on an international flight, doing yoga by your teepee in the forest..or in your disco pants…here’s some inspiration.

Get out, get about and MOVE your body to allow you to flow with today’s fiery lunar vibration.

Featured is Tash Lockhart, with some key Sag clues, check the big smile, rollicking uplifting energy, heart shaped girl next door kind of face, not to mention exaggerated and amusing facial antics. And of course Sag rules the thighs, often giving a svelt athletic appearance. Can anyone say /Christina Aguilera’? ; )

Sagittarius is known for its expansion principle. More is always better..hence, often very generous with no expectation of return. Where can you be larger than life with your generosity today? Pay it forward.


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