Neptune Retrograde square Saturn…a meditation on the persistence of beauty…

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Yes, Uranus square Pluto then Saturn square Pluto. Are more settled times ahead? Something tells me maybe not just yet. 🙂 Wonderful article!

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Neptune turned retrograde on Monday 13th June 2016, at 12 degrees of its own sign of Pisces, making a second exact square with Saturn in Sagittarius on 18th June. The third and final square in this difficult planetary dance takes place at 10 degrees of their respective signs on 10th September 2016, after which the square gradually loses potency, reaching 10 degrees of separation by the end of 2016.


A great battle between order (Saturn) and chaos (Neptune)  has been raging since the end of 2015 in particular,  as mass migration of peoples – often by sea – fleeing wars and persecution at a level not seen since the end of the Second World War, has challenged European nations’ capacity to cope. With the gradual waning of the turbulent, violent, purgative years of  Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn, at the same time as the waning of  Saturn square Neptune,  we can only hope for…

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  1. Many thanks, Grandtrines!

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    • You are welcome. Had not seen Saturn v. Neptune as order v. chaos, but I think it makes sense under these circumstances. I think an interesting comparison would be (1) Saturn v. Uranus as order v. chaos (structure v. disintegration of structure by revolution) compared to (2) Saturn v. Neptune as order v. chaos (structure v. dissolution / illusions / deceptions). (It is all really what I refer to as a “long term analysis” set of questions, isn’t it?)


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