Venus in Cancer

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June 17th, 2016
Venus enters Cancer

Venus, the planet of love and money enters sensitive, emotional and sometimes intense Cancer today…where it will transit until July 12th. In Cancer, Venus is nurturing, protective and self-protective, cautious, and fertile. We are more than ready to open our hearts, but we can wear our emotions on our sleeve. Feelings become more important then ideas now, so we move out of our heads and right at home into our hearts. Our love is demonstrated by showing our loved ones just how much we care.

With Venus in Cancer we may experience many emotional highs and lows in love, due to being more sensitive and impressionable. There’s going to be a lot more romance, and tender moments as we become attached to our love. Cancer in love is dedicated, warm and devoted. So you’ll notice these traits coming out in all the signs of…

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