2016 W26 Calendar (Weekly) Sunout Astrological Aspects

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Mystic Rectangles

2016 W26 Calendar (Weekly) Sunout Astrological Aspects

2016 W26 Calendar (Weekly)

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Venus in Cancer,feed the children

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

June 17 it’s three days before the auspicious 29th degree Sagittarius Full Moon and SOULSTICE.

The Scorpio MOON just keeps on with the intensity. Moon in Scorpio is sexy, passionate and prone to quarreling and battling with their intense will power. 

The Morning may be chaotic as Moon inconjuncts Uranus- watch out for crazy drivers.

Moon conjuncts RETRO MARS

This is very passionate, a secret rendezvous with a passionate lover? You may be dreaming about what was, what could have been, what may be in the future. 

Moon goes VOID OF COURSE @ 6:52 am PDT/ 9:52 am EDT/ 1:52 pm GMT-

it;s a good time for reflection under these tense tight aspects. We are feeling the Moon get fuller and fuller. We are reaching a turning point in the year, think back about how the last six months of 2016 has been and where you want to be at the…

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I get by with a little help from my friends.

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Actually, I am Jake from State Farm at 3 AM. (“She sounds hideous.” “She should. She’s a guy.”) 🙂 However, I am also simultaneously humbled AND flattered! Thanks! (And, as an aside, I actually LOOK a bit like “Jake from State Farm,” except I have a beard.)

The Self-Actualized Life

This one is going to be easy! Today, for day 10 of the challenge, we are to share links of 10 bloggers we like and say why we like them. A toast to 10! The hard part is going to narrowing down all the bloggers I love to just 10!

First, and definitely foremost, is my partner is Global Media Mavens, the lovely Lydia. She just mainly writes about her life. She’s a wonderful lady and I feel extremely lucky to have found her! I hope you will too!

Secondly, I love sonofabeach96. His blog is photography and you can find it here. He’s got a fantastic eye and I’m sure you will enjoy his photography as much as I do.

The next blog is Victo Dolore. You can find it here. The tagline is Behind the White Coat Beats a Real Human Heart. I think people…

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