What a day for a daydream.

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Golden Dakini by Daniel Merante

The intensely emotional ‪#‎SCORPIO‬ Moon trines RETROGRADE NEPTUNE in the early morning hours. This energy can help you to access a lucid dreaming state. You may wake up from a dream of something lingeringly familiar, something or someone, a situation, an old dream which you haven’t dreamed about coming back into your consciousness. Pay attention and remember these. You may be feeling very foggy for most of the day. 

The dream world is of itself a vast storehouse.

It is also a very dreamy creative daydreaming day. Sketch or record those dreams on your iPhone or your moleskin,sketch pad or old-fashioned pen and paper.

The Moon will sextile Jupiter in Virgo in the afternoon and Pluto in Capricorn later in the day. Those old reveries may be literally billion dollar dreams that with faith, trust…

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