Gemini (New) Moon

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The Metaphysical Goddess

Gemini (New) Moon

New Moon in Gemini

Continuing the theme begun under the Full Moon in Sagittarius, this New Moon is a bit different from traditional New Moons. Instead of planting new sees for ideas and actions, the Gemini Moon is challenging us to listen. The theme is discernment. Where are we not being fully authentic? Where are we declining to see the truth? Where are we choosing to not tell the truth?

Because of the conjunction with Venus this cycle, Gemini Moon is not all about love but it is all about telling the truth about our love. For more on that, click here.

The Gemini Moon has a cold aspect to it: it is calling on us to look at our lives, loves, and relationships with less sentiment and more reality. Burying ourselves in rose-colored dreams is not going to help us achieve the lives that we want.

Gemini Moon…

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