Gemini New Moon 2016-06-04 (Grand Cross, Grand Trine, and Rosetta)

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Gemini New Moon 2016-06-04 (Grand Cross, Grand Trine, and Rosetta)

We are writing this post a few hours in hindsight, a bit more than four hours after perfection.  We note that the annual Sun Square Jupiter aspect perfected earlier today.  (We will minimize duplication of the commentary on the earlier aspect.)

This is a dynamic New Moon (NM) and an important one, and much has been written by others because of the presence of a Grand Cross (GC).  This is a longer term GC which involves outer planets (notably Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter), but the NM itself is (1) conjunct Venus and (2) forms the fourth leg of the GC.  Grand Crosses are relatively rare even when using asteroids (Chiron, Juno, Pallas, Vesta, and Ceres as well as others such as Hygeia and Astraea) or calculated points (North Node, South Node, Vertex, and so forth).  But this GC uses “real” planets, and that, by itself, is enough to make it a popular subject of discussion, interpretation, and speculation.

Maybe even more notable is that it is a mutable GC, and these invariably signify endings of some kind.  With a NM near the end of the Mecury Retrograde shadow, after the Direct Station, all are seeking to move forward and launch new projects.  AND you *CAN* do that, but these projects are more in the order of reaping what you have sewn.  Think of these projects as specifically being built on the past and what you have accomplished (or failed to accomplish).  This is your window to take stock and act accordingly.

And, on the outside chance you are uncertain about that, let me be clear: the upcoming Full Moon has a CARDINAL Grand Cross in it, and, oddly, that is about beginnings.  It tells us that the “cleanup period” between that Full Moon and the next New Moon is all about launching truly new projects.  (I am NOT saying you should launch during a waning moon.  I AM saying it is time you consider the option of COMPLETELY starting your life from the ground up and, absent that, questioning every assumption in your life about how things “have to be” with an eye to junking what is not working for you any more and doing things that are TRULY NEW in the most fundamental way possible.  This is your chance to TRULY change the train you are on.)

Whether all of us realize it or not, we are undergoing a large scale shift that is operating in many areas of our lives.  The current state of affairs of the United States Presidential election reflects that.  People feel strongly.  I will avoid becoming too political here, as I ordinarily avoid that, but many people object to the political system as it stands, and I mean many conservative people object as well as the more obvious liberal objections seeking “change.”  But what we see as election politics reflects deeper and more profound problems and issues.  And, they are not just in the United States.  This is a global phenomenon.

The late Jonathon Cainer, an astrologer whose work I followed, wrote of this a number of times when he spoke of the “bell” (Uranus Square Pluto) that would “toll seven times.”  Cainer was both a poet and a giant (as well as a bit of a character), and his voice will be missed.  (But we are happy that Oscar appears to be carrying the torch now.)  Jonathon Cainer stressed the point repeatedly: Uranus Square Pluto will bring HUGE global changes beyond anything we have seen (at least in recent generations if “ever”).  I agree.

By itself, that would be enough, and nothing more need be said.  But the fact is that we have an amazing series of patterns coming in the next few months starting now (and with the upcoming Full Moon).  Those of you who are astrologers know what I am talking about.  I see more of you writing about patterns this year, and I strongly suspect at least some of you have looked at certain pages I put up in late 2015, such as Rare and Absent Patterns in 2016 and, more generally, the 2016 Overview.  Whether or not you are an astrologer, if you like to do advanced planning to organize your life, then I suspect you should peek at those pages.

We also recommend you compare the Gemini New Moon of 2015 (last year) and the Taurus New MooooN of a month ago.  And by “compare,” I do not mean just peek at my pages.  Pull out your journal (you know the one, the one I recommend you keep, and, yes, I am chastising you like your mother would if you are not doing it, especially after telling you about FutureMe) and compare this month to last month, this month this year to this month last year.  You reap what you sew, but there MUST be some opportunity there.  This New Moon tells us that.  You must have “eyes to see.”

That said, and keeping in mind just how powerful the upcoming Full Moon / Solstice will be, we present the chart for the Gemini New Moon of 2016 with the Mutable Grand Cross (MGC):

2016-06-04 New Moon (Grand Cross)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

In case you were not already aware, an AMAZING number of squares are present in this chart.  Children born at this time will be nothing short of revolutionary.  I knew a woman, deceased within the past few months, who was born with a similar birth chart.  She was the most gifted numerologist I ever met (I confess, I simply have NO idea how Numerology works, but she was completely accurate), and she had a greater ability to anger people (most people, even delicate ones, said “p*ss off” people) than almost anyone else I knew. She made people ANGRY with her criticism!  I tolerated her barbs because I really liked her (and I knew she liked me), but most did not.  Nevertheless, she was a very prosperous businesswoman here in Dallas, and all those squares left an impression on me.  (And, at least from my vantage point, she will be missed.  I liked her.)  This chart looks like that, but maybe even MORE squares than she had!

Interpret that however you choose.  As mentioned earlier, many others have written interpretations of this:

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BUT, we would like to add that the Grand Cross is NOT the only pattern in this chart.  It is clearly the most striking of the patterns, but it is NOT the ONLY pattern.  We also have a Grand Earth Trine (opportunity!) and a Rosetta (alliances, but typically short-lived and a risk of treachery later).  We present the chart for the Grand Earth Trine (Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury) first.  We also note that Grand Water Trines are associated with the opportunity to make quite a bit of money, but we think this Grand Earth Trine (with Jupiter and Pluto involved) has that same ability, maybe even more so.  The next two weeks could be a rather large “money maker” for those with “eyes to see.”  Here is the chart:

2016-06-04 New Moon (Grand Trines)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Please do note that the North Node is involved in this Grand Trine, also, and that is all about “Karma” (again, reaping what you have sewn) as well as “hard work.”

Finally, we have the Rosetta.  Let us be clear: a Rosetta can accomplish a huge amount of work in a short time.  But the relationships are short-lived, and the potential for treachery exists.  We also note that one leg of the Grand Earth Trine is embedded in this Rosetta.  Here is the chart:

2016-06-04 New Moon (Rosetta)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

The next two weeks will gave gotcha and glitches associated with the Grand Cross.  And you can focus on those, or you can focus on the opportunity that will come to you.  The choice is yours.


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  4. This feels incredible.

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    • Agreed! (And, thanks.) Just revised the front page of the blog. Let me know what you think.

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      • I will when I can print it out. Ink incoming!

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      • I added (1) headlines to help clarify the sections and flow of topics and (2) RSS feeds to the Grandtrines posts and posts of my other blogs for anyone seeing and wanting to navigate to the other material. (I do not know if I will do this for the other blogs or note.) So, the headers should help much on the printout, but I am not certain whether or not the new navigation will help or not. (Let me know, one way or the other.)


      • I definitely will. That sounds great. I do miss me a big computer monitor full of angles but saturn is in charge of my time these days. 🙂

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      • If this helps any: Saturn is always in charge of everyone’s time. We just do not seem aware of it until we are older or ill or something similar. (Saturn’s other names include (1) Chronos aka Kronos and (2) “Father Time.”) We could chat at length about Saturn….

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      • My brain had “authority problems.” Mercury at 16 pisces dc, saturn 16 gemini mc. “But I wanna be a poettttt daaaad” too funny. I tried. I did. He’s got my back now I think. This cross, a gift.

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      • I have Mercury Square Neptune, so I understand. Confusion, alcohol, more confusion, eventually writing (specifically astrology but other writing as well) and terribly bad sleep problems (but no more alcohol). Poetry and Songwriting seems to elude me, just outside of my grasp. The songwriting seems to almost taunt me as I hear bits and pieces all the time but cannot seem to quite string them together. I agree: “This cross, a gift.”

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      • Oh Neptune’s at 8 sag pre ic. It’s party. The other night I was laying on my bed and it felt like mercury was speaking, like just clean exhausted jetlag mercury with a kite at his head was like “git talk to saturn, just stop tryin, just go do progressed mercury in tairus, I’m tired darlin” one tiny planet on three angles. I can’t drink, maybe the saturn neptune opp. So music is my magic carpet of choice. And reading.astrology.obsessively. is school. Ok. Neural overload. Keep going.

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      • Mercury (Leo) chats extensively with me as well, typically keeping me awake at night as Neptune (Scorpio) sulks in silence and frequently inflicts pain of some kind the next day. It is a long term way of life. Maybe you have a point. Maybe I should put more effort into the poetry. Already there on the astrology, but you already know that.

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      • Is mercury at least getting some trine support for ya?

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      • Satrun is currently trining natal. Maybe I need to focus that into some other (additional) area besides blogging. Housecleaning is one thing that keeps popping up. And then there is that songwriting / poetry thing that keeps coming up. Hmmm. Come to think of it, this means that (1) Transiting Saturn is on your natal Neptune and (2) your natal Neptune trines my Mercury. Hmmm. Poetry anyone?


      • Ah! My suns at 12 aries. I’m focusing on NOT doing anything. It’s against my grain so surrender wins. White flags and hands up. Jupiter and north node say so. “No one can plan their Uranus Opposition” i’m looking at quintiles. Omg not looking at light box. Goodnight. 🙂

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      • You might have a point with that. I think maybe, just maybe, bed time for me as well. (I have much work to do when I awaken that has a deadline! But, otherwise, maybe just “flow” is the best idea!)


      • Urania is on the leo mercury. If you’ve got something at 12 libra make that yod to neptune for astro poetry. I wrote this during the cardinal cross mess last year…

        she belongs to herself

        just now i came to a pause
        where a decision had to be made if i was going to either live in fiction and fade out or try to be all the things i never had a chance to be

        mercury wishes i could say that was something easy to answer

        faced with trying to be a person, doing people things with other people

        not able to know if even at my best i wouldn’t fuck it up, or they would

        and impossible to get right in the best circumstances types of human failings like love and cocreation take years i dont think i have to well and truly fuck up

        its like the calling is to the opposite of what i thought fulfillment was, almost looks like oblivion, to a capricorn fourth house

        i’ve drunk so many caraffes of feelings from centuries of dramatic pangs and keening moons

        poppies are nothing to that sweet sweet mimicry that we search for in conversational alleyways and the neural crash reset of direct skin contact, exchanged fluids

        saturn wanted to believe you weren’t all distracting me from something

        mars wanted you around because i loved parts of you that refused to mirror me

        i had no desire to be this self involved
        i craved both collective interdependence
        and/or merging
        i was lost in neptune’s sea of misguided circuitry involving neurotransmitters and pluto in the first house

        the healing, oh chiron, if we keep up the virgo bullshit we’ll make ourselves sick

        so the sun the light inside me the sun with venus and the moon feeling like kids who’ve been put in charge of a very very important adult bunch of decisions that all looked like they ended in hospital stays or courtrooms, they keep thinking this has got to be a set up for a sitcom

        “the dark? wait we’re in charge of the unknowable? but we’re quite pleasant actually, maybe you could toss this one back to pluto? ”

        the goddesses confer, all squaring themselves, so objective

        hecate is once again the emissary, every may a new oracle reading

        the unknowable can only be explained once you’ve gone there and come back

        how can you be sure that the dark night isn’t what’s already past, and you could bring back fire?

        if this thing I watched, these stories keep not working, if we’re all grasping for anything to soothe the horror

        can I offer my mind up
        to know truth instead of trying to flap to the closest body of water?

        i don’t know which fiction to choose

        but it looks like that road off to the right glows red and i can hear such beautiful music

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      • Something tells me that could be transformed into lyrics if you so desired. Nothing at 12 Libra but ASC + asteroids at late Libra (in the Via Combusta).

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      • Writing is what falls out of me during The Great Work. One day, if I make it back from the Journey I’ll make it into things. I’ve got big dreams and a few crosses to get down from first. Go to bed.

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      • Well, back atcha. We both need to sleep. Adieu!


      • (I lookat/listen to it through a weird adapted thing otherwise.)

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      • Then your feedback is especially important!


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