New Moon in Gemini.

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The Walden Moon

New Moon in Gemini.

Everyone should have a Gemini in their life. I have a strong affection towards this sign…considering it shares the same ruling planet Mercury (the communication planet) as my Sun Sign Virgo. Something about the intellectual side of the Gemini is stimulating…both Gemini and Virgo are just that…intellectual. In fact they are the only two signs in the Zodical Wheel that share the same ruling planet…all other signs don’t share a planet.

To add, Gemini’s have a very charismatic and charming quality to them. They are the friend of all friends and they are always there for you if you need them.

They are always thirsting for knowledge and may have a hard time sitting still. They like adventure and a change of scenery quite frequently. You might even have a hard time keeping up with a Gemini. Gemini’s also have the gift of gab and can…

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