Mercury in Gemini

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The Family Witch

mercury-satelliteMercury is one happy camper after last month’s retrograde and now while in it’s ruling sign, clear, perceptive thinking and communication is happening more easily. You’ll have to utilize this energy quickly since it only lasts from the 12th until June 29th! With things coming along more rationally, try not to lose sight of the little things that are sentimental and meaningful to the bigger picture. Curiosity is intensified and will be HIGHLY stimulating during this time; thoughts, speech, images; don’t avoid what’s different to keep yourself at a distance to observe rather than participate. Step out of the safety zone that Mercury in Taurus had you in and give yourself some more breathing room to experiment with what can work for you!

You’ll still need to make some tough decisions on where to put your time and efforts or it might just all get scattered to the wind without…

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Sun conjuct Venus in Gemini

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Astrology Software 2020

astrology software

Sun conjuct Venus in (tropical) Gemini calls out the intellectual and artistic side of the nature, making the person fond of music, art and poetry. It also strengthens the love-nature, but this Air Element makes emotions unstable, sometimes it leads to extravagance or intemperance. Moreover, it increases the popularity and make social intercourse smooth so that the person finds many friends.

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New Moon in Gemini 6-4-16

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“Words have incredible power. They can make people’s hearts soar, or they can make people’s hearts sore.” – Dr Mardy Grothe

The New Moon at 14 degrees of Gemini on June 4th activates a whopping Grand Mutable Cross between the Sun, Moon, and Venus in Gemini, Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Neptune and the South Node in Pisces. Watch out for previously pent up, stuck, and dammed energy now bursting forth in all directions. With Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury recently gone direct after a month-long Retrograde things have just switched from “going south” to going on all at the same time.


Mercury’s opposition to Retrograde Mars in Scorpio becomes exact on June 9th. Gossip, slander, flippant behavior, and combativeness may be difficult for some to curb and must be dealt with carefully. As Mercury and Gemini both relate to thought processes and communication it is…

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AlchemyAstrology: 4-5 June, 2016, Saturday-Sunday, Passive

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Alchemy Astrology

A good time to: garden.

Challenges: Apathy and tendency to let things slide.

Balance: Let yourself feel affectionate and be social.


Sidereal astrology:

New Moon in Taurus (4th), laboratory process of Congelationemotionally stable

Sun in Taurus – persistent, decisive = practical
Moon in Taurus – changes, decisive = emotionally stable – F – Earth
Mercury in Aries – mental, aggressive = impulsive
Venus in Taurus – pleasant, decisive = steadfast
Mars in Scorpio – impulsive, solidifying = explosive
Jupiter in Leo – fortunate, organizing = exuberant
Saturn in Scorpio – disruptive, solidifying = persevering



Laboratory Alchemists free monthly calendar for lab work:

Alchemy Astrology how-to handbook, good for beginners and professionals alike:

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Gemini New Moon with Venus Conjunction

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When the New Moon occurs in Gemini this evening (June 4th) at 8:00pm PDT, the luminous Venus is right next to that Sun/Moon conjunction (all three planets inside of 14 degrees Gemini).  This is a special time.  Not only are we beginning a new lunar cycle and (consciously or unconsciously) setting intentions, we are also literally “lined up” with the planet of love and divine feminine energy.  But we are on our side of the Sun and Venus is on the other, so we can’t directly see her these days.  Right now, Venus is almost cazimi (in the heart of the Sun).  She forms her superior conjunction with the Sun on Monday, and the effect of Venus cazimi can be felt for several days before and after this conjunction – even more so if your Sun, Moon, North Node or rising sign is in Taurus or Libra (both…

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New Moon? Take yourself on a date.

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Light Everyday

New Moons are awesome. Each month we get the opportunity to sit and have a think about what we want more of, what we want to welcome into our lives and then send it out to the universe to deal with.

That’s a pretty big deal, right? I sure as heck think so. So much so, I make a date with myself.  Bottle of fizz (OK sparkling fruit juice), bubble bath , candles and my extra special stationery …

This is my process:

✨ What do you want ? Get really super specific – I want lots of money / I want the financial freedom for my wants and needs and a weekend away.

✨How do you want to feel? I’m pretty sure we all know what we don’t want to feel but the key is to focus on what you DO want to feel.

✨ Send you wish list…

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Current Astrology: Gemini, Mercury and current transits

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Choose Conscious Living ASTRO ADVISOR

The Sun moved into Gemini on May 20.  Gemini

Fleet-footed Mercury rules the sign of Gemini. After establishing our right to exist with Mars/Aries and connecting to our body and resources with Venus/Taurus, it’s now time to begin exploring our environment. Mercury represents our rational, logical thinking mind, which takes in information through our five physical senses, processes that information, and communicates the results.

Our thoughts are primarily driven by our values and needs (Venus) and determine our actions (Mars). These three functions (Mercury, Venus and Mars) are the primary components of our animal existence. (The Moon in Cancer will add the layer of emotions, birthing our humanity.)

Our brain (Mercury) typically runs the show. Through logic and reason, we’re able to organize perceptions into memories, associations, symbols, lessons, and possibilities. Through symbols, we are able to communicate our thoughts to others, thus combining our brain with theirs into a web…

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R.I.P Muhammad Ali – Still The Greatest

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Gemini New Moon – June 4, 2016

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The Practice: Part III

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lazy goddess

Tonight’s new moon in Gemini is a shift and the beginning of a new cycle. I’m getting into the energy and did a clearing ritual today. I smudged the apartment, Ro and myself with sage, refreshed my crystal altar, and used lavender essential oil and Reiki symbols to cleanse our space. I sat outside to reflect in my journal and clarify my intentions. I wrote a list of what I want to let go of, burned the list, and wrote a list of dreams and goals that I want to manifest. This moon is about release and renewal.

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