New Moon in Gemini – June 4 2016

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The Butterfly Witch

I love June, don’t you? Maybe it’s because I’m an Air sign and love the energy of Gemini (the chatty, sociable, quirky twins of astrology), maybe it’s because it’s the month named for the goddess Juno (or Hera, for the ancient Greek set), or maybe it’s because the world is so vividly alive and joyfully green that I feel assured that yes, winter is finally over.

Either way, we’re kicking off this month with some wonderful astrological energy, courtesy of a New Moon in Gemini!


The New Moon is always a fantastic time for refreshing our energy and setting intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle. From what I’ve read, this particular New Moon will be a doozy! The conjunct Venus energy will highlight areas relating to love – self-love, platonic love, romantic love – and how we communicate in our relationships with others and ourselves. For example, one of my…

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