Friday, June 3, 2016

ADDENDUM 10:15 am ET:  I should have discussed the Sun-Saturn opposition today.  That right there is an example of Sun-Saturn:  should have, would have, could have.  Saturn is an “energetic homebase” for the Archons.  Saturn tends to say, “You suck, human.”  The places where we feel that we have “fallen down” or “do not measure up” come into view when the Sun and Saturn are in aspect.

When you add Venus to the mix, and we do because Venus is conjunct the Sun, and is therefore also in opposition with Saturn, our harsh inner critic turns it up to maximum.  We tend to be hyper-self critical of perceived flaws or imperfections.

Let’s bypass all of that today.  It is a drag (like Saturn).  Let’s try it a different way: kind and gentle.

Balsamic Moon Phase: clear, release

Moon in…