Face the fears which Saturn shows Venus

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Uranus Eris & the Gemini New Moon: Get Smart

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Maria Wander, Astrologer

Uranus remains in peak conjunction with Eris until June 23rd to bring us a flash of insight. This conjunction began on May 28th rooting in Aries, the house of Mars.

That pang of discontent, discord or even envy is your internal engine revving in a particular direction.  This lack of harmony is a dissonance with your dreamed for or perceived self in a mirror reflecting back to you.  You can see that part of your shadow self you may not want to own.

Don’t be afraid.  This is not a demon/demoness coming for you.  This is a Daimon- an aspect of your own divinity that connects your humanity with that of the living, breathing universal consciousness.  Note the desirable attribute(s) you wish to possess.  What do you long for or covet for your very own?  What will you cast off to acquire your desire?

Mars cuts, separates, divides. Mars inconjunct to Uranus/Eris from…

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Gemini New Moon 2016

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Maria Wander, Astrologer

The Gemini New Moon on June 4th reawakens the Mutable Grand Cross with a conjunction to Venus, squaring Jupiter and North Node in Virgo, squaring Neptune and South Node in Pisces and opposing Saturn in Sagittarius.

Gemini is a sign of duality.  There will be options coming in from the angles of the Mutual Grand Cross.  Time your choices accordingly in this month ahead.

NM Gemini 2016

Neptune in Pisces brings illusion, confusion and awakens Spirit in your process.  South Node in Pisces is our internal introspection, musing isolated in our silos.  Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo are critical of our knowledge base and the health of our self-care.   Seek a path to mastery.  Look into that class you always planned to take.  Prepare to acquire that certification in your chosen field.

Venus is cazimi June 4-6, 2016 , within 17 minutes of the Sun.  An activation of the Gemini Venus Star…

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A Gemini New Moon with Oysters & Ducks

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Blue Orb Cafe with Lea Kennedy

We have a very powerful New Moon in Gemini happening this weekend because it’s triggering a Mutable Grand Cross. This is going to have an interesting effect on the world stage (more on that later) but for now let’s focus on how it might show up for each of us personally beginning this weekend. (wordpress won’t spell interesting correctly)
New Moons are fabulous for focusing on where you’re heading and setting your intentions, but this one in particular can, if channeled correctly, be incredibly strong in a very positive way. To start, we have the Sun, Moon & Venus all happily snuggling together showing us the possibilities of who we are, what our dreams and desires are and what we can do with them.. if we choose. Yet, on the other hand we have Saturn (structure and boundaries) opposing this sweet little get together and saying “Wait…. just… a… moment…

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AlchemyAstrology: 2-3 June, 2016, Thursday-Friday, Passive

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Alchemy Astrology

A good time to: ask for help if you need it.

Challenges: exaggeration and indulgence.

Balance:  Be  friendly and, in some cases, affectionately social.


Moon in Aries, laboratory process of Calcinationemotionally aggressive

Sun in Taurus – persistent, decisive = practical
Moon in Aries – changes, aggressive = emotionally aggressive – C – Fire
Mercury in Aries – mental, aggressive = impulsive
Venus in Taurus – pleasant, decisive = steadfast
Mars in Scorpio – impulsive, solidifying = explosive
Jupiter in Leo – fortunate, organizing = exuberant
Saturn in Scorpio – disruptive, solidifying = persevering



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Today’s transits – June 2, 2016 – Thursday

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minute astrologer


Moon points to Mercury at mid Taurus (tropical zodiac).  When the Moon rises tomorrow morning just before the Sun, Mercury will be right there to the right of the Moon.
Time to share your thoughts.

All positions at noon, Mountain Time, USA

Moon                    Taurus @ 09 deg.
Sun                       Gemini @ 12 deg.

(Rocky Midgets)
Mercury             Taurus @ 18 deg.
Venus                 Gemini @ 11 deg.
Mars                    Scorpio @ 27 deg. (Retrograde until June 29th)

(Gas Giants)
Jupiter               Virgo @ 14 deg.
Saturn                 Sagittarius @ 13 deg. (Retrograde until August 13th)
Uranus  …

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Lifelight Astrology 5th June – New Moon

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Michelle McClunan

moon girl hooked

 Anyone feeling a bit spun out?  Wondering what on earth is going on out there?

Well, I’m going to do my best to explain it from an astrological perspective, as I see it.

For a while now, we’ve had a number of planets in a square alignment called a Grand Cross.  It’s been around for about a week and will last until the 13th June.

New moon is on the 5th June, when the Sun and Moon are joined by Venus in Gemini,  focusing the spotlight on  communication, thoughts and information.

Opposing this bunch is Saturn and squaring them  are Jupiter, Neptune and the nodes. Here is the chart, for those of you who might be interested.

With a few other alignments and retrograde planets thrown into the mix, many people are struggling right now and the common theme seems to be, that the more we push and…

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New Moon in Sidereal Taurus June 4, 2016

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June 2016 Monthly Forecast – The Power Path

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The main theme for June is ADAPTABILITY! Subthemes are Acceptance, Adjustment, Choice, Resilience, Resourcefulness, and Flexibility. We have been put through the paces, initiated into the unknown, forced to trust (May’s theme) and are now facing our own resistance to change and evolution. This month we will get to experience that resistance is futile and stems only from our own fears of the unknown and our attachment to what we know Read more

Source: June 2016 Monthly Forecast – The Power Path

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Your Free Daily Horoscope (2nd June 2016)

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Today’s Aries Horoscope

Aries: You may have to do short travels. Your day will be busy. You may have some unexpected incident. Health issues may disturb you.

Vastu Tip for you: Kitchen should always be in the south east direction.

Love tips for you: It is always better to clear things when matters are confusing.

Today’s Taurus Horoscope

Speculative losses are very much likely. There will be happiness from family and kids.

Vastu tip of the day: There should be a blue bucket in the bathroom.

Love tip of the day: A sweet kiss has the power to end all conflicts.

Today’s Gemini Horoscope

Focus will remain on work. You will try to finish things before the deadline. Make sure they are done correctly. Slight irritation will persist inside but neglect it. It is meaningless. Love matters are not good for the day.

Vastu Tip: There should be no door…

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