Moon-Mars Rise

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A Fool's Inclination

This evening, we’re in for a visual treat. The full moon will rise flanking Mars. As the following diagram shows, look ESE around sunset. If skies are clear, you’ll easily spot them. Last night, I was able to see Mars glowing brightly about ten degrees below the waxing gibbous (nearly full) moon.

MoonMarRise.5.21.2016The above diagram is for 8:26 pm CDT in Austin, Texas. The sun sets here at 8:22 pm this evening. Less than one hour later, Saturn will rise below the other two, and can easily be seen in clear skies as well.

The moon is precisely full at 4:14 pm CDT. The exact Mars opposition, which happens once every two years, occurs at 6:16 am CDT tomorrow, almost exactly 14 hours later. Furthermore, Mercury stations direct at 8:20 am tomorrow…and all of this occurs within the first 48 hours of Gemini. The coincidence of events like these are…

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