Full Moon in Sagittarius

May 22, 2016 at 1:59 am | Posted in Astrology | Comments Off on Full Moon in Sagittarius

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The full moon is currently exact at 1° Sagittarius. Full moons happen when the sun and moon are in opposite places in the sky. The sun just entered Gemini yesterday, and the moon got round to Sag today.

As opposed to a new moon where plans get made, full moons are the time to take action. The full moon should be the time we enact the intentions we made during the new moon, and wind down those actions to a close to prep for the next new moon. This is also the time when our primal, inner nature (moon) is illuminated by consciousness (sun). We’re more aware of our subconscious at these times, the shadow within us gets lit! That’s why full moons seen to make people act over the top-because they’re charged with the full energy of the sun.

The last new moon in Taurus (check out that post…

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