Full moon in Sagittarius – forecast for each sign

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May 21 full moon, powerful in the first degree of the signs will bring new thoughts, ideas, and plans to a culmination of some kind, because it takes place in communication and movement oriented signs. All full moons have relationship energy because the Lights are in opposition, this time Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius. Venus and Mars are also part of this, opposite each other and very close to the full moon degree and adding to the relationship flavor. The full moon will bring much heat, conversation and action – find out below what area of life according to your Sun, Moon, stellium, or Ascendant sign.

ARIES – Speed is one of Aries trademarks, you like to start and act quickly. This full moon in your area of travel may make you feel you need to shake the dust off your shoes once more, and take it to…

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