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Journey to the Center of the Mind

Gemini 6

The Sun has just entered Gemini and, in my continuing efforts to give you some information on each sign, I find the duality of this sign particularly interesting.

If you’ve been reading each of the articles I’ve written on the 11 preceding signs, you’ve noticed that some of them have myths behind them while others have little or no mythological significance attached to them. Gemini is one of those signs. In Egypt, it was known as “The Two Stars”. It took its name from the stars Castor and Pollux, the brightest stars in the constellation; also known as Hercules and Apollo, and Triptolemus and iasion.

As with all the signs, there are positive and negative traits portrayed by the energies of Gemini. From the positive perspective, Gemini energies and people can be adaptable, versatile, intellectual – with a flair for languages and writing, logical, witty, spontaneous, talkative; always youthful and…

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