Full Moon Report- June 2016

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Holistic Transformation

full-moon-MAY2016Whoompf! Here it is!

This month’s full moon is on the mutable axis of Gemini and Sagittarius. The polarity of the mind and the mind(?) Well, you know Gemini is the twins, right? It can be said that Gemini is in two minds- a mind-hive of ideas and industriousness, creativity and ingenuity. Well, Sagittarius is the othermind- the explorer, adventurer and philosopher. This polarity is always open to insightful moments.

Back in November, we had this from the other side. The Sun was optimistically running through Sagittarius and the Gemini Moon was there giving airy fuel to the fire. The challenge that Sagittarius and Gemini gave us then is being looked at from the other way around. Air, meet fire, how do you do?!

What else is going on?

Well, we’ve had crazy patch of retrogrades- five at one time. Now down to four and then three after…

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