2016-05 W19: Forecasts for Week 19 of 2016

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2016-05 W19: Forecasts for Week 19 of 2016

Archive of Week 18 (W18)

May 2016 (Mars Out)

Week 19 (W19)

May 1st

Moon enters Pisces as Sun (Taurus) sextiles Neptune (Pisces).  Generally, poetry, music, photography and videography (and cinema) prosper today whether you are audience or artist.  Vesta / Neptune quintile favors arts that examine traditions and Venus BiQuintile Mars hints at police or military traditions.  For many people, this is mostly a quiet day and a very good day to visit someone who is sick or wounded and in the hospital or otherwise in need of having their spirits lifted.

May 2nd

An early morning conjunction of the Moon and Neptune (both in Pisces) brings either good sleep or vivid dreams or maybe both.  If you did visit a sick or wounded person yesterday, then you may find that today is a turning point for them (they either get better or they “decide” it is time to leave this world).  A variant of the mutable T-Square (very loose) affects the day as Moon opposes Jupiter (Virgo) then squares Saturn (Sagittarius) over the course of the day.  You will want to wrap up old projects if you can and clean house.  “Things” can be accomplished today, but with the Moon in Pisces (and waning) and five planets retrograde (including Mercury and Mars), you should like stick to issues involving healthcare or spirituality.

May 3rd

Moon turns v/c after a sextile to (retrograde) Mercury just after midnight (CDT / EDT; before midnight MDT / PDT) and remains void until Noon (CDT) when it enters Aries.  This same period is good for cleanup and writing poetry and spiritual matters but not so much business dealings or signing contracts.  Jim Shawvan marks this as an “opportunity period,” but a risk of theft or deception is present.  (Maybe it is an “opportunity” for thieves?)

Sun trine Jupiter makes this a “feel good” day for most people, and there IS the possibility of accomplishing something profound.  Just make certain you are thoroughly prepared and be ready for “surprises” to happen anyway.  The evening tends to be quiet.

May 4th

This is a mixed day in terms of lunar aspects with trines and squares present along with a conjunction to Uranus (both in Aries).  Sun quincunx perfects late at night (or early morning depending upon your time zone), and we can be “bitten” by false hopes and unwarranted expectations.  Communications are particularly confused today.

May 5th

Today is Cinco de Mayo, a Spanish holiday.  Like Beltane (May 1st), it is associated with a Cross-Quarter Day.  A Venus (Taurus) / Mars (Sagittarius) quincunx joins the Sun (Taurus) / Saturn (Sagittarius) quincunx, and we expect communications (and transportation) to be even more confused and chaotic than yesterday.  Moon is v/c again in the early morning hours after a conjunction to Uranus (both in Aries) and “surprises” are the order of the day.  By shortly past Noon (CDT), the Moon moves into Taurus (setting the stage for the New Moon on Friday).

Since the Moon is very “old,” this is a good time to clean house and discard of unwanted or unneeded items.  This is also a time to terminate relationships that are no longer useful or helpful.  AND, that means this is also “Dark of the Moon,” and powerful intuitions can come at this time.  Some people use this window to “work magic.”

May 6th

The New Moon is today (perfection at 2:30 PM CDT), and more housecleaning is in order in the morning along with a suggestion of taking Friday afternoon “off” today.  A “cazimi” period is present from 2 PM to 3 PM (CDT), and that can be very useful for accomplishing important matters that must be done today.  Two outer planet biquintiles are present, so if you have brainstorms that require action today then do them in the cazimi period or put them on hold until another day.  After 10 PM CDT the Moon moves void, and a quiet evening at home is recommended by that point.

May 7th

Sun trines Pluto in the early morning hours, and Moon moves into Gemini (ending the void) about a half past noon CDT.  We think that this Sun / Pluto trine is strong enough (a Kite is present that includes a Grand Earth Trine that includes Jupiter and the nodes) that, once the void is over, you might accomplish something useful today.  Keep in mind that the Moon will still be in the “too early to tell” period and five planets retrograde (with Jupiter station direct on Monday) that you may have to do a “re-do” or somehow adjust your project later.  But, this is a particularly powerful kite, so you might consider plunging ahead with the opportunity anyway (even knowing that some of it might be a bit “messy”).


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