Where do you wish to grow? This Sunday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius

May 18, 2016 at 12:05 am | Posted in Astrology | 1 Comment

Mother Earth Astrology & Natural Healing

This Sunday we have the Full Moon falling in the sign of Sagittarius. Sign of growth, freedom and adventure.

With Jupiter (ruler of this Full Moon) conjunct the North Node it seems that many of us will be contemplating how we are experiencing growth within our lives.

Do our current circumstances enable us to move towards our vision(s)? How free are we to be who we want to be?

The North Node in the sign of Virgo indicates that themes around our day to day working lives and/or our health could be highlighted.

Are we working in a role that enables us to feel of service to others, that honours the true expression of our self and that brings us joy?

Venus, in her own sign of Taurus, is in opposition to the Moon implying that there may be a conflict between our needs and our sense of self-worth.


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