Re-Wilding Initiation: LILITH enters SCORPIO on May 21

May 15, 2016 at 8:49 pm | Posted in Astrology | Comments Off on Re-Wilding Initiation: LILITH enters SCORPIO on May 21

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Have you been feeling HER?

The power of the wildly free, instinctual, and naturally self directed Feminine in all of us, men and women, guides and empowers our choices nowadays, as LILITH comes to the end of LIBRA, where the Choice Point, or shall I say, ‘Tipping Point’ over into SCORPIO is.

I call the LI – SCO cusp also the ‘Alchemy Point’ where ‘ingredients’ in our life or relationships with people come together, and their ‘marriage’ starts a deeper process. If it is compatible and a ‘good match’, great. Then  our wild and original LILITH nature can take us deeper, into powerful processes. If not it can bring up issues that LILITH helps us process. LILITH in SCO is such a change agent, through the discomfort to new natural empowerment.

LILITH has a natural inner affinity with SCORPIO, and can be extra potent in…

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