Friday the 13th

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Can there be a more auspicious day for the avowed contrarian to begin a blog than Friday the 13th during Mercury Retrograde?

The legend of Friday the 13th being a very unlucky day may have something to do  with King Philip IV of France declaring that all Knights Templar be arrested on Friday, 13th May, 1307.  Alarmed by the Templars’ growing influence, the King and the Vatican took possession of all their money and land.  The Templars were summarily tried, found guilty of heresy (the standard accusation inevitably resulting in a guilty verdict) and sentenced to death. But of course, not before being mercilessly tortured as Medieval society warranted.  Legend says that Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the order, cursed both the king and the pope and they died shortly thereafter.  So bad luck all around.  And consequently a host of bad luck superstitions about the day…

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