May 11 – 17, 2016 Lunar Hair Chart with Leo and Virgo

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Riding Moon Cycles

Treatments to absorb, condition, and see faster growth after a haircut or trim are the focus of the waxing moon for lunar hair care.Condition Rose Bevel JPG

Two key dates this week for hair care are:

May 12 Thursday Moon in Leo. Leo’s Element of Fire and class of barren/hot make it a moon sign to condition hair. The highest recommendation for cutting hair with the Leo moon is for the goal of thicker hair. Leos’s classes of Fixed and dry make it useful for this goal.

May 15 Sunday Moon in Virgo. The quality of Mutable and element of Earth have Virgo as a general all-purpose choice for a moon sign for haircuts. Earth sign Virgo has high marks for a perm (or relaxant, straightener) especially paired with the absorbing qualities of the waxing moon giving it even more of a boost.


May 11

AVOID before 3p; Moon: V/C

START after 3p

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How to Survive Mercury Retrograde

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How to Cope

(First thing’s first, if you’re not sure what any Retrograde is, check out the beginning of this post.. If you’re wondering why all the sudden posts about Retrogrades, five planets decided it would be hilarious if they all went Retrograde at the same time. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. We’ll be looking at Jupiter and Saturn next week. Hooray.)

Honestly, it’s not as bad as you think.  I know Mercury Retrograde gets a really bad rap. I can’t think why a planet that rules communication, contracts, the Internet and electronics in general, going backwards would cause anyone any distress… /sarcasm.

Still, as with any Retrograde you just gotta roll with the punches and try and learn the lessons that the planets bring. If you’ve got any sort of problem that you’re avoiding, the Retrogrades will ceaselessly bring it up. It’s probably better to use that energy to deal…

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Jupiter Direct!

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The Turquoise Blueprint

jupiter-1287318_1280Jupiter went direct on May 9th @13 degrees of Virgo. The doorway is open. After being Rx for about 4 months, the planet of luck, joy, expansion, growth, spiritual beliefs and attitude, is now going forward, will still be in the shadow till Aug. And with the big fella moving , hopefully now, will bring you the goodies you have been longing for.

Rx journey may have been a difficult one, wondering why, Oh, why, you weren’t getting the things you wanted, why was it difficult to get, it may have been painful, because you have been working at it, wanting it, having intention, plans, ideas, visions. You are ready!

Instead you had to do the inner, internal waiting game, going through the daily grind (virgo), of really watching, waiting, being patient. Going over it all again, redressing your life, looking at the things you have been longing to…

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Mercury into the Heart of the Sun

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Maria Wander, Astrologer

nasa-mercury-transit sun

A rare Mercury cazimi eclipses the Sun as Jupiter Stations Direct.

Can you feel it? Notice a shift?

Mercury is still Rx but you’re not. You’re energized. Expanded. Taking constructive measures.

Don’t be afraid to take part in communication, writing, speaking and networking that has been smoldering for too long now. Listen for that important message that’s just for you.  

Our mind and our purpose are ONE. That clarity you feel is real.

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Jupiter Neptune Saturn in a Mutable T-Square for May ‘16 – The Kingdom is within

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With Jupiter station direct now, and Neptune about to station retrograde, they find themselves within two degrees of a direct opposition all throughout the merry month of May 2016. Merry for some perhaps, but not for all.

Jupiter Neptune Saturn Mutable T-square To dream the impossible dream

Because both planets have slowed down so much now, the alignment is much longer than usual. The last time they aligned thus was September ‘15, about 8 months ago. So an opportunity to resolve something from then or to further it, should have its last window of opportunity to play itself out before the planets move away from alignment until next time.

Add to this Saturn making a square aspect to both, situated exactly half way between them in the zodiac wheel, and you have an ongoing T-Square alignment of the three planets, making it one of the most influential astrological aspects affecting us this entire month. Saturn…

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