The Closet is Burning Down: Taurus New Moon

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- Our Royal Way -

We’re under the gaze of an intense New Moon in Taurus (integrating Earth) today. Settle into yourself and launch what needs launching already.

BTW CHECK THE (RX) RETROGRADING PLANETS. There are 5. Whatever you held onto in secret for the past several years, now is the time where it all comes out.

Get out of the closet because it’s burning down, bbs.
And very practically in a luxurious full-feeling kinda way. Will your dance be tragic or revolutionary?


This is an extremely practical transit with the focus being on empowered and creative touch, tactile, sensation, luxury, what you are more than who you are. All the Taurus and Sag plus Jupiter in Virgo lead me to this, plus just the experience from literally EVERYONE around me.

The truth of what you are is heavy on the mind, so let it root. The simple truths of what kind of animal you…

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